PVM Games is a scam! I purchased a new Nintendo DS lite from them and it is defective

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I purchased a new Nintendo DS lite from PVM games online in November of 2011 for our son for a Christmas present from Santa.It worked for a few weeks and then the screen became unresponsive.

The stylus isn't damaged and the DS had not been damaged either. We tried looking up online ways to fix it & nothing works. I have emailed PVM's cust service several times with no response, which is very frustrating being that they guaranty the products for one year from purchase! They are a scam and are crooks!

It's been difficult trying to explain to our son why Santa would give him a defective DS!Don't buy from PVM Games!!!

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PVM Games is a SCAM!

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Bought a Nintendo DS Lite, which took an eternity to arrive.

Console was defective straight out of the box. (game play frozen, forced to re-start, couldn't save game, etc).

Wrote emails to company, never heard back. Finally their state-side vendor liaison (2checkout.com) helped get a reply from them. They gave a specific address to return to...which I did. *Spent $30 for International shipping to ensure it would actually make it back to them.

I have never heard from them again. This was 2 months ago. 2checkout.com has continued to provide assistance to resolve the matter, but I consider it a lost cause, esp since so many other people have experienced similar circumstances.


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I thought my purchase was lost cause.I did report the two consoles to Nintendo, since they were counterfeit- yeah, this was a surprise to find out that I bought fraudulent game consoles.

Anyway, get in touch with the credit card company and tell them the story, a good credit card company will give you a charge back, I would also report the serial number to Nintendo.

I was reimbursed for my mistake you will be too!:)

PVM Games - Their return policy and promises are bogus!

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Back in November 2011- I bought two Nintendo ds lite systems from PVM games (Christmas gifts for my kids).Surprisingly, they came quickly from overseas.

I opened the systems to ensure the color and content was correct. The only problem was one of the games out of the 4 ordered was missing. I immediately contacted PVM and the did correct the problem. This left me with a positive feeling that this international site was legitimate..

On Christmas morning the kids were so excited to get their DS consoles. We charged them and started to play. Immediately, my son informed me that his bottom screen was skewed with lines so he could not read the instructions for the games. I went on the PVM website to see what my rights were and their return policy.

I contacted PVM and ask them for their assistance. It has been weeks now with NO feedback from them! Their return/refund policy is very clear, they state they will replace the defective console- perhaps by ignoring customers with a return they can laugh all the way to the bank? Unfortunately, my Pay-pal time limit passed (I did file a complaint with PP so it would be on record) so now I am fighting this battle on my own.

How do you explain to your little ones that Santa gave them a broken toy? Hard lesson to learn, if a deal is too good to be true, it is!

Please note, the other console and games are in perfect working order.

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PVM Games - Nintendo dsi

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I purchased a nintendo dsi from pvm games on 11-24-11 and did not receive it until 3 weeks later, after receiving i gave it to my niece as a christmas gift and she opened it only to find that it does not work, will not turn on or even charge.The nintendo dsi is defective and i have sent 4 emails the past 2 days trying to contact this company with no reply.

I don't know how to get this replaced.

I am very unhappy and will not make another purchase with them.Any suggestions helpful, thanks.

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Had the same issue. Sent my daughters ds lite to nintendo, got it back and said it was counterfeit, unfortunately it was too late to dispute through the bank so I contacted the checkout place that I placed the payment through and after the second attempt of them trying to contact pvm I got a response from pvm saying to return it and hopefully I can get my refund. Otherwise the 2checkout.com was going to refund it if they didn't reply.


Sorry for everyones loss, thank you for the information above. Paypal said my time limit was done, with the counterfeit claim, I hope I have a better chance.


we got a fake ds lite also. stay away from pvm games and bizrate.


I had the same problems with my DS lites I ordered. I called nintendo and found out my products are counterfeit...I would call and make a report with Nintendo and then call your bank and have the charge disputed...then you can have the proof from Nintendo that the product is actually counterfeit and get your money back!!


I had the same problems with my DS lites I ordered. I called nintendo and found out my products are counterfeit...I would call and make a report with Nintendo and then call your bank and have the charge disputed...then you can have the proof from Nintendo that the product is actually counterfeit and get your money back!!

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PVM Games - Still No Package

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I ordered a Nintendo DS and a game for my sons birthday several weeks before his birthday.I tried to contact this company to ensure the package would be delivered on time but never received a reply.

After several weeks, and after his birthday, we did in fact receive a package from PVM Games, but it contained the wrong items. I have tried repeatedly (10+ emails and messages) to contact this company but they refuse to contact me. I would never recommend this company. As has been said from other customers, they have HORRIBLE customer service!

They have also swindled me out of my product and ruined my sons birthday!!DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH THIS COMPANY!!

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pvm games took my money and i recieved nothing in return they had three kids looking for a christmas present and they just dont care they are a rip off and i would not do business with them unless you want to lose your money and let your kids down i am going to contact the attorney general to deal with these crooks this is a mess


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I bought a Nintendo DS Lite from PVM GAMES on 27 October 2011.It was indicated on the website that you would get a tracking number with the order confirmation e-mail.

Shipping was said to be between 7 - 15 business days. After about a week, I wanted to track the package and checked the confirmation e-mail. There were no indication of a tracking number. So I contacted them via online mail to request the said tracking number.

Nothing received till date. 15 business days later, I contacted them again to advise that I still haven't received my shipment neither the tracking number which I requested. I demanded response but nothing received. I have now listed them with VISA, MasterCard, AMEX etc...

and written off the $100

Do not buy from these guys....Rather go to a casino and waste your cash there!

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I ordered a Nintendo DS Lite in Oct 2011.Received it before Christmas.

My Grandson used it for a month & it quit working.

Contacted Nintendo & found out the serial number was bogus.Handheld game was a fake/knockoff


I ordered my granddaughter a ds lite for Christmas, it came in in plenty of time, worked great for 3 days, then quit working.I have sent 3 messages to pvm, no one answers, called Nintendo today to find out the same thing everyone else is finding out, it's a counterfeit!!

$150.00 for 3 days of fun, that's absurd. This will teach me to order anything else before really reviewing. But to tell the truth, we couldn't find the ds lite anywhere.

Oh well, I hope they all choke on everyones hard earned money!!:(


First call Nintendo, double check to see that the DS you've purchased is not counterfeit...IF it is, they will file a report with Nintendo and email you a copy of it.Then call your bank and file a fraudulent claim...what they're doing is completely illegal, and you should be protected.

I did this this morning, and am hoping to hear back soon.Its best though to have a copy of hte report from Nintendo, because it will show proof that the "serial number" if there is one, is not an actual serial number, and that the product is counterfeit.


I just found out that the game consoles and games sold on PVM games are all counterfeit!!!I called Nintendo to troubleshoot one of my consoles that werent working, only to find out that they are all counterfeit.

One of the consoles didnt have a serial number, and the two that did weren't valid serial numbers.Filed a claim with my bank...I would definitely call Nintendo to verify if the products you received are actual Nintendo products, or counterfeit.


Ordered a DS and 2 games on 11-28-11. Never got any shipping information, my 5 requests for information have gone unanswered. I just tried to cancel my order but of course haven't heard anything back.


Bought 2 dsi.received 1 quickly but never received the 2nd.

they gave a refund finally--if it will ever appear in our account (they said 7-10 days to appear refunded) So went to buy from local Meijer. Opened this box and compared to the one I received from PVM. Definitely not the same. PVM box did not contain serial number.

All pieces were not there( missing operation manual and stylus, and the AC adaptor was junk--not original. User info already in the DS as if it was a used unit! STAY away from PVM. I also did not know it was a HONG KONG company until after payment was accepted.

Now trying to get response about sending current unit back for a refund.

Probably won't get response.Lesson learned!


I also ordered a DSi from them 11/25/11 and am still waiting for delivery or responses to e-mails.I'm with all of you and did not realize they were from overseas and the reviews I read before ordering were fine.

Now I see all the bad reviews.Is there anything else we can do to get our money back from them?


I got my DS Lite from them...it is counterfeit.PayPal making me jump through hoops to get my money back.

PVM Games only sells fake junk.DO NOT BUY FROM THEM!!!


oh no! my boys are counting on them for Christmas!


I bought a ds lite too......guess I need to buy another :( I just hope paypal coughs up.Delivery date not fully up yet but I don't hold up much hope


Hey guys, I missplaced my password.I posted the original post...

1 December and still nothing. Not even responses to my mails etc. I am a peaceful person with the thought that the wheel turns and karma's a b#"&.

Whom ever is robbing us deserves whatever may come to them.

I am soooo over this so to anyone else, if you bought from these "fine" individuals, you fell into the same trap and gotta move on.Get your kids something at wherever it is you like to go...


Awesome, just bought a bunch of games from them as well. Guess it's time to start crossing my fingers.


I also bought a DS Lite and 2 games early in the week.Didn't receive shipping info, so sent many emails asking for it.

(didn't know it was coming from Hong Kong till after I paid) Five days later, I got frustrated and told them to cancel my order. (site says you can cancel any time before it ships) So, then...voila! I get an email saying it shipped already. Did get a tracking number that works in the USPS system, so am hoping it could actually work out.

Have read horrible reviews though (not getting correct product, cases being EMPTY, no response for refunds, etc).

Will definitely post if/when shipment arrives...I am nervous, for sure.These are Christmas gifts, so I'm hoping it works out.


GREAT!!! I just bought 3 from them...did you ever receive yours?? I'm a little nervous now that I read your post!

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